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C- antelope Chronicles continues with my experience of doing the right thing while antelope hunting and the reminder that came with that experience.


Firsts for my Best Friend

                  I would say I have three best friends, but for this blog post I am going to talk about one in particularly. My freshman year of college I walked into a 300+ person lecture hall and out of those 300 I didn’t know a single person….

One Ton Broadhead

Luckily for me, my first 2 years of college I attend Montana State University which is located in Bozeman, Mt. I was lucky because everyone there did the same stuff as me and if they didn’t they wanted to learn. My freshman year I started dating a guy that participated in a Fraternity. Now you…

This earth day thank a HUNTER.

You may read the title and wonder what I might be getting at. In the United States on Earth Day you should thank a Hunter and this is why….   A hunter is the number 1 contributor to conservation in the COUNTRY. Everyday Sportsman or sportswoman gives 8 million to conservation. On average over 38 billion…

Turkey Bombs recipe

Long ago, before Sarah ( “BS” as my dad likes to say) my parents lived in Arizona and there my dad loved to turkey hunt. The turkeys there were full of acorns, bugs and good flavor.  Cooking turkey was simple, it didn’t need much to make it taste amazing. Later on my parents and I moved…

My First Hunt and the Biggest Lesson

Each time I pull the trigger or release an arrow, I take a deep breath and can feel the oxygen flood my brain. The surge of oxygen allows for the release of adrenaline which has been diluting my concentration. Simultaneously a memory floods my brain—a memory of my first hunt and the lesson that I…

Chugging beers and chasing deer

You may read this title and think “what the hell!” Well, you should, but it’s not what you think. One afternoon, during my junior year in high school, I went hunting with my dad. It was at a place we frequented—located on the other side of a ridge that lines the back of our house….